Ayu Tor Ryce Camp

Ayu Tor Ryce Camp

Deep in the Karakol valley is a fantastic transit camp. Together with Dutch travel organizations such as Beachmasters and Bizztravel, Ryce Travel has set up a tent camp in eastern Kyrgyzstan. The camp opened for the first time in the summer of 2016. Immediately the many hikers found the beautiful place. The video below gives an amazing picture of the location.

By bringing tents, camping equipment and clothing, the locals have been able to build their own camp. Because of the melt water it was quite a touch job to bring the equipment to the valley. Normally you can go a long way with a well-equipped 4×4 but due to the snowy winter it was much harder to reach it. The local boys from Karakol have carried everything themselves or by horse.

In addition to the sleeping tents, facilities have been installed such as a sauna, natural toilet, a shower with solar energy, bar and kitchen. There is room for almost 60 guests in the Beachmasters tents. Hikers can also pitch their own tent on site.
There are no costs for pitching your own tent. We try to make the place accessible to as many people as possible. The camp must become a household name in the region and is primarily intended to promote tourism. The intention is to set up multiple transit camps in the future so that hikers can walk from one place to another. We can still use a lot of support for this .. (hint)

The name has been renamed Ayu Tor Ryce camp (Grizzly Beer Ryce camp). It is located halfway the Karakol valley, on the popular trekking route to the Ala Kul lake. Reservations are not possible. We ensure that there is always room for you. We thank everyone who helped to realize this camp. And of course you are very welcome to spend the night here.



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