Ryce Travel is a platform for adventurers who want to explore the world. People who want to learn about other places. Travelers looking for authenticity and insane experiences. Every place is unique and every person is different. That’s why we love this world. Despite what the media claims, we live in a fantastic time and on a fantastic planet. It is even more accessible than ever and, above all, more travelable than ever. Above all, let’s enjoy that and expand our horizons.

So there are the world’s (un)known destinations where tourism can make a substantial difference. Unfortunately, locals are sharing less and less of the revenue from tourism. Ryce Travel wants to break this spell. With us, you don’t go on vacation but actually undertake a journey. You get in touch with local culture, you get to breathtaking/unique places and your expenses end up with local people. We expressed this thought earlier as follows: “The world belongs to us but we also belong to the world. As long as you don’t know the world then you don’t know who you are”.

And that is exactly what we propagate: come and discover the world, open up to new experiences and share your own ideas to other people.

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Why was the Ryce Travel Foundation established?

We drove to Kyrgyzstan ourselves in 2012 and were struck by the tremendous hospitality in the region. Despite limited resources, people are always there for you. They share everything they have and they feel that as an obligation. After a few months of traveling around, we felt it was an obligation to give something back to these people. The will is there but opportunities are often limited.

What do we do?

In an encouraging way, we support local businesses to develop (winter) tourism. Thus, the snow conditions are excellent but the facilities leave much to be desired. In a short time we have already helped set up some ski rental stores, horse rental businesses, language institutes and travel agencies. We also invest in safety and avalanche education. We have been organizing winter sports trips to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan since 2015. These were later joined by Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Georgia, and from the 2019/2020 season we will start trips to Turkey and Lebanon.

What can you do?

Any kind of help is welcome. At this time we are mainly looking for used ski poles, snowboard bindings and freeride equipment. Also, we are constantly looking for outdoor and camping equipment. Of course, you can also book a trip with us. If you would like to contribute as a volunteer you can always contact us.