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Ryce Travel is a travel platform for adventure travel. As an adventurer, you want to see the world and discover crazy places. Our adventure trips are composed of the most beautiful destinations and exciting experiences. Not everything is equally adventurous for every traveler. That’s why every trip at Ryce Travel is different. Travel to the most extraordinary places and experience a new adventure every time. Easily book an adventure trip through our website or contact us for more information!

What we stand for

Ryce Travel is a nonprofit organization for the true adventurer. We are non-profit and help local entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The world belongs to us but we also belong to the world. As long as you don’t know the world, you don’t know who you are” – Peter Hofman (founder Ryce Travel)

Ski Rental Karakol

Ryce Travel has no profit motive.


Ryce Travel supports small local entrepreneurs.


Ryce Travel is always looking for adventure.


Always with Dutch and/or English-speaking tour guides.

What kind of skier/snowboarder are you?

We would like to open developing countries to adventurous tourists Every ski enthusiast can book a winter adeventure with us From lazy beginner till extreme freerider The tours are divided into 3 categories Ski Safari, Ski Adventure en Freeride.


Min. red slope, average fitness level

Ski Resort

2/3 days ski resort + 2 days freeriding / cat skiing


1 day sightseeing + city tour

Meal plan

Breakfast + dinner included


Min. black slope, above average fitness

Ski Resort

tour skiing, splitboarding, cat skiing and sidecountry


limited sightseeing, optional excursions

Meal plan

Breakfast + lunch + dinner included

SKI Safari

Enthusiastic skier/snowboarder who likes to travel independently. You enjoy discovering new cultures and would like to combine that with a ski holiday A comfortable hotel (including breakfast), transfers and ski passes are always arranged for you. You stay on the slopes and you like to enjoy the freedom of a tour. You explore the city on your own on the first day after arrival. If you want you can book a city or ski guide. In any case, you retain control over the activities of the day. An ONLINE local tour guide is available for questions and tips.

Ice Bar Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan
#WT-CODE 147207

Ski Safari Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the place where it all started for us. In addition to our celebrated Ski Adventure trip, we will also be offering a Ski Safari. As always, a combination of winter sports and culture, for the adventurous, autonomous and curious winter sports enthusiast.

Gudauri ski resort
#WT-CODE 146808

Ski Safari Georgia

An unforgettable Georgia ski safari awaits you in the Caucasus Mountains. Descents with a view of 5000 meters high mountains, ultramodern lifts in Gudauri, but also wine tasting in Tbilisi and bumper cars in Bakuriani. You will also meet the hospitable Georgian people, ski along a wooden ski jump and enjoy delicious local dishes

#WT-CODE 147204

Ski Safari Kazakhstan

Going on a Ski Safari in the south of Kazakhstan? That means that you will spend a week in the metropolis of Almaty and that you will experience the largest ski areas of the country. Of course it’s gonna be a mix of culture and local experiences. For example, we are going to visit the Charyn Canyon, the vast steppes and bustling local markets.



Fanatic ski enthusiast who likes to go on adventures. You like a bit of a challenge and you want to experience as much of the country as possible in a short amount of time. You like to travel in a group and preferably you have some off-piste experience. In addition to visiting the highlights, you want to play in the snow as much as possible. During the tour, breakfast and dinners are included so you can focus on the skiing We will take you to the powder for 2 days with a cat. A guide will accompany you.


Ski Adventure Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan Ski Adventure is our most famous ski tour. In 8 days we will explore the remarkable highlights of skiing in Kyrgyzstan. Don’t expect any comfortable chairlifts, groovy after ski pubs or ceasar salads. Get yourself ready for adventure, yurts and shashliks.


Ski Adventure Georgia

15 February 2025

An unforgettable ski adventure is waiting for you in the mighty Caucasus mountains of Georgia. Runs passing the Gergeti Monastery, ultra modern ski lifts and climbing the Goderdzi pass by Pistenbully. Next to these amazing activities you will meet the hospitable Georgian people, explore Bakuriani and relax a hot spring.

Sinaia ski resort
#WT-CODE 146279

Ski Adventure Romania


A ski adventure in Romania means you will experience the best of the mountains and culture in 9 days. Romania is developing rapidly as a ski destination. There are modern ski resorts and the medieval towns are magnificent. When you realize that you will also be flying a helicopter. Then you know it will be an unforgettable trip.


Ski Adventure Kazakhstan

Your next exciting adventure awaits in Kazakhstan! A fantastic week of snow activities around the Almaty region awaits. Don’t expect Soviet ski resorts, boring nightlife or Wiener Schnitzels. Get yourself ready for camels, ultra-modern gondolas, bustling nightlife, cat skiing and a valley of castles. Above all, it will be a memorable experience: Skiing in the Northern Himalayas of Kazakhstan.

#WT-CODE 144901

Ski Adventure Serbia and Kosovo

In the center of the Balkans, a ski adventure Serbia and Kosovo awaits you. A crazy journey to two regions that have a love-hate relationship with each other. The trip begins in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia. In Serbia, we ski at the large Kopaonik ski resort.

#WT-CODE 144638

Ski adventure Cappadocia

Ski Cappadocia? It will be a week full of adventure. Deep down in Anatolia a volcano with 3916 m of elevation arises: Erciyes. Erciyes is also the largest and most modern ski resort in Turkey. At the foot of the volcano you’ll find the metropolis of Kayseri, and straight behind it the breathtaking landscape of Cappadocia unrolls.


Freeride / Cat Ski

Experienced freerider who is looking for the best snow and the best slopes. You have your own equipment and you have experience in deep snow. We arrange comfortable accommodations with all meals included. So you can focus on the freeriding In the ski resorts you like to explore the side-country and you enjoy ski touring or splitboarding. You are physically fit and you like to be challenged Of course, an experienced freeride guide is essential. Safety and snow safety are of paramount importance


Cat Ski Kyrgyzstan

29 December 2024

Cat skiing in Kyrgyzstan promises an extraordinary experience with its abundant dry Central Asian snow in the breathtaking Jyrgalan Valley. The massive Issyk Kul Lake creates a unique micro-climate, delivering significantly more snowfall than anywhere else in the region. Join us for an organized cat ski trip to Jyrgalan, where you’ll carve through pristine powder and spend your nights in traditional yurts. After a day on the slopes, unwind in a Russian sauna, immersing yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan.


Cat Ski Georgia

12 January 2025

Cat ski Georgia? Goderdzi receives the most snowfall of the Georgian Caucasus. Due to its proximity to the Black Sea, it is very likely to dump here. That is why we offer organized cat ski trips to the Adjara region in western Georgia. You spend the night in a mountain lodge at 2100 meters and have an amazing view over the Low Caucasus. This tour includes 5 days of cat skiing. Please contact us to book Cat Ski Hours or combine Cat Skiing with other activities in Georgia such as Ski Touring, Splitboarding or freeriding in the ski resorts.

Cat Ski

Cat Ski Kosovo

15 February 2025

In the Accursed Mountains, a unique adventure awaits you. Cat Ski Kosovo combines culture with the immense hospitality of the local people. After a day full of adrenaline, you can enjoy traditional Kosovar dishes and the warmth of our cozy mountain hut.

Tour Ski Splitboard Georgia

Tour Ski / Splitboard Georgia

With the highest mountain ranges in Europe and a staggering snowfall, Georgia might be the best country for freeriding. The terrain is hugely varied and choices are plentiful. From sidecountry in the famous Gudauri resort to backcountry in Racha and from the slopes of Svaneti to cat skiing in Goderdzi.

Tour ski Kyrgyzstan

Tour Ski / Splitboard Kyrgyzstan

Tour Ski / Splitboard in Kyrgyzstan? We offer the best Kyrgyz backcountry experience! Join us for a remarkable trip to the Tien Shan mountains in Eastern Kyrgyzstan. We work exclusively with local guides and employees, allowing you to meet the wonderfully hospitable Kyrgyz people and taste all of what Kyrgyz culture has to offer. There are endless options for ski touring and splitboarding in Kyrgyzstan but our pick would be the Issyk Kul province.


Tour Ski – Splitboard Peaks of the Balkans

7 Day(s) 6 Night(s)

Discover Peaks of the Balkans, the cross-border route through Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, on touring skis or a splitboard! Originally designed as a hiking trail to promote local tourism and bring regions closer together, all across national borders. Majestic mountains, deep powder, and delightful Balkan hospitality make this journey an unforgettable experience.


Non-profit foundation

Ryce Travel is a platform for adventurers who want to explore the world. People who want to learn about other places. Travelers looking for authenticity and insane experiences. Every place is unique and every person is different. That’s why we love this world. Despite what the media claims, we live in a fantastic time and on a fantastic planet. It is even more accessible than ever and, above all, more travelable than ever. Above all, let’s enjoy that and expand our horizons.

Discover adventure travel and destinations

So there are the world’s (un)known destinations where tourism can make a substantial difference. Unfortunately, locals are sharing less and less of the revenue from tourism. Ryce Travel wants to break this spell. With us, you don’t go on vacation but actually undertake a journey. You get in touch with local culture, you get to breathtaking/unique places and your expenses end up with local people. We expressed this thought earlier as follows: “The world belongs to us but we also belong to the world. As long as you don’t know the world then you don’t know who you are”.

Adventure experience

And that is exactly what we propagate: come discover the world, open yourself up to new experiences and share your own ideas to other people

What do our travelers say?

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By now I have been on many "Ryce trips" and how insane it is !!!

From Kyrgyzstan to Kosovo and from Georgia to Turkey. We went on horseback to the most remote peaks or the cat took us to areas where no other human could be seen. Around you, you only hear your own group of ski and snowboarders screaming with joy!

Jitte Parking

Had an unforgettable trip with Ryce Travel! Sequence of beautiful moments experienced in beautiful Kyrgyzstan! Peter and the rest of the staff took care of everything to perfection (including the lovely guest family). A real, "once in a lifetime", recommendation 🙂 .

Nienke Huisman
Out of 5

Fantastic adventurous and very well taken care of winter sports trip had in Kirzigie.
Responsible freeride descents guided by experienced and knowledgeable guides.
Sleep in neat hotels and yurt camps.
Delicious dining out and almost everything all- inclusive.
The program is subject to change and will be adjusted each day according to snow/weather conditions. More than value for money!

Keesjan Rijnsburger

I myself went to Kyrgyzstan with Ryce travel,
This was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this to any adventurous winter sports enthusiast!

Quinten Clephas