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Ice Bar Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan
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Ski Safari Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the place where it all started for us. In addition to our celebrated Ski Adventure trip, we will also be offering a Ski Safari. As always, a combination of winter sports and culture, for the adventurous, autonomous and curious winter sports enthusiast.

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Ski Adventure Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan Ski Adventure is our most famous ski tour. In 8 days we will explore the remarkable highlights of skiing in Kyrgyzstan. Don’t expect any comfortable chairlifts, groovy after ski pubs or ceasar salads. Get yourself ready for adventure, yurts and shashliks.

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Cat Ski Kyrgyzstan

Cat ski Kyrgyzstan? An abnormal amount of dry Central Asian snow is falling in Kyrgalan valley of Kyrgyzstan. The giant Issyk Kul Lake provides a micro-climate with significantly more snowfall than elsewhere in Central Asia. That’s why we offer organized cat ski trips to Jyrgalan. Complete with overnight stay in traditional yurt and Russian sauna.

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Backcountry Freeride Kyrgyzstan

Freeride Kyrgyzstan? We offer the best ‘Backcountry Kyrgyzstan’ experience. It’s gonna be a remarkable trip to the Tien Shan mountains in Eastern Kyrgyzstan. We exclusively work with local guides and employees. This means you will meet overly hospitable Kyrgyz people and taste all what Kyrgyz culture has to offer.


Jyrgalan, the coal valley

Jyrgalan (Жыргалан) is a valley in the imposing Tian Shan Mountains, the far east of Kyrgyzstan, near the border with Kazakhstan. The Jyrgalan River flows through the valley, next to the town that bears the same name. It is about 60km from Karakol and can be easily reached by cab or marshrutka.

Coal has been mined in the valley since 1932. The town of Jyrgalan was established to provide housing for miners. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the industry all but disappeared, leaving the miners dejected. Difficult years for Jyrgalan, cut off from the rest of the world. Many went to seek their fortune elsewhere and moved to Karakol. Only the vast expanses of snow remained.

Jyrgalan store
One of the few stores in the village of Jyrgalan

Then it became summer again. Those who stayed behind jointly founded Destination Jyrgalan Management Organization (DMO), an organization that invests in sustainable tourism, in 2016. A new economy that benefits local people and creates more future opportunities. Every year since then, DMO has succeeded in bringing the region to the attention of modern explorers. And we are happy to do our part in that.

Today, the village is inhabited by about 1,000 men and is seeing ever-growing opportunities: new guesthouses and yurt camps were set up, new hiking and mountain bike trails established. Winter is also attracting more and more adventurers. Snow cats take experienced and slightly less experienced skiers into the mountains, to a freeride Valhalla to dream away.

Jyrgalan mountains
On the way to the mountains of Jyrgalan

Winter in Jyrgalan

Snowfall here is significantly higher than in many other places in Central Asia due to the valley’s unique location: a perfect combo of a high-mountain climate with the microclimate of Lake Issyk Kul. Annual snowfall averages more than 10 meters. Meters and meters of fine, dry, drifting powder snow. Enjoy boy, enjoy.

The terrain alternates between rolling wooded slopes – mellow runs – and challenging, steep couloirs. The tree line here is 2,900m. The largest open area is found in the south of the valley. Jyrgalan offers more than 10,000 acres of unexplored powder – yes, we want to leave now too!