A large part of the Ryce Travel Foundation is supporting local projects. This started in 2012 by collecting used winter sports equipment. Today, many companies and individuals have connected with us. As a result, we are increasingly able to launch new projects. To make the projects a success, good supervision is essential. Of course, the initiative must come from local people. We only want to provide a supporting role where local people can use our knowledge and network. Therefore, it is critical that we make the right consideration in the individuals and organizations we trust with our help. This is where we are very precise.

The latest news about our projects

  • Volleyball – The Weird Westerners vs. the Kyrgyz Kids
    Each winter season in Jyrgalan is never like the other; snowfall levels and conditions change, people that travel from far and wide to rip up the powder bring their unique blend of talent and stories, and the tirelessly hard working staff of Ryce Travel can draw in bright new team faces keen to get out… Read more: Volleyball – The Weird Westerners vs. the Kyrgyz Kids
  • InterAlpin Messe, Innsbrück
    Together with the guides of Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia we have visited the InterAlpin Messe in Innsbrück, Austria. The fair is one of the biggest in the ski industry and it was a great opportunity for the guides to meet mayor players in the ski world. Bardhosh Morina, Maksat Aitkulov and Tornike Matsaberidze were invited… Read more: InterAlpin Messe, Innsbrück
  • ARVA project Kosovo
    We decided to join the Freeride Kosovo project of Wander Adventures, Outdoor Kosovo and Balkan Natural Adventure. They will offer freeride trips in Prevallë, including using a Pistenbully. The new company Freeride Kosovo will offer tours for international guests. To do this safely, we support them with avalanche equipment from ARVA. Our long-standing partnership with… Read more: ARVA project Kosovo
  • Sponsorship Faction skis
    The Swiss company Faction Skis sponsored us with 10 pairs of freeride skis. These will be distributed to the prize winners of the Silk Road Freeride competition in Kyrgyzstan. Olaf Sueters of Gear4Guides has revived his collaboration with Faction Skis. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Faction nominated us to become members there.… Read more: Sponsorship Faction skis
  • Freeride Film Festival Amsterdam
    On Friday, Nov. 25, 2022, the Tuschinski Theatre hosted the Freeride Film Festival. The annual event is organized by wePowder. The best ski and snowboard films were shown in multiple rooms throughout the evening. This year’s edition featured our film of the Silk Road Freeride competition. This film, called “Silk Ride”, centres on the first… Read more: Freeride Film Festival Amsterdam
  • Membership 1% for the Planet
    As of today, Ryce Travel is a member of 1% for the Planet. They provide direct investment to address global environmental problems. They ask each member to dedicate 1% of their sales to problems such as climate change and environmental pollution. We are aware that winter sports travel is a delicate dance with the climate.… Read more: Membership 1% for the Planet
  • Building up yurts
    Recently, we were able to build the necessary yurts in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has been a resounding success in offering yurts directly from Kyrgyzstan to Europe. Most yurts sold in Europe come from Mongolia. Other yurts are often copied from China or Europe. These are yurts made of plastic and metal and thus… Read more: Building up yurts
  • Silk Ride Film
    Like last year, we are busy preparing for the Silkroad Freeride competition. This year, together with Gear4Guides and AdventureNotWar, we are organizing the 3rd edition of this event in Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan. On Dec. 15, 2021, the film “Silk Ride” will be released. This film is about the first edition of this freeride event. To watch… Read more: Silk Ride Film
  • Ski equipment delivery in Kosovo
    This week, Ryce Travel brought winter sports and ski equipment to Kosovo. Our director Peter Hofman drove to Peja himself to deliver the supplies to the town of Peja. These are mainly touring skis, split boards and avalanche equipment. The purchase was made with help from our partners MK Skiservice, Arva, Technolyt and Frosty Snowboarding.… Read more: Ski equipment delivery in Kosovo
  • Corona transport arrived in Kyrgyzstan
    Mutual quarrels cause considerable delays in aid transport After a problematic drive of more than 10,000 kilometres, our relief transport arrived in Kyrgyzstan. As of June 2020, we collected 22 pallets of relief supplies for Kyrgyzstan. A fundraiser collected large quantities of clothing, toys, educational materials, sports equipment and medicine. After leaving the Netherlands, the… Read more: Corona transport arrived in Kyrgyzstan
  • Humanitarian transport denied by Belarus
    Almost three months after the departure of our relief transport to Kyrgyzstan, we finally have positive news. The goods have been released by Belarus and may be returned to the Netherlands. We never imagined in June that this would be positive news. What happened?Until Lithuania, everything was running smoothly. The problems began when crossing the… Read more: Humanitarian transport denied by Belarus
  • Auxiliary transport Central Asia
    In recent weeks, we have been slowly adjusting to the new normal. Many of us started cleaning up, doing chores and bickering. What is actually relevant, and what do we need? Food, drink and a roof over our heads? Education, work and leisure? What emerges above all is that we need charity and compassion. In… Read more: Auxiliary transport Central Asia
  • Silkroad Freeride Organization
    From January 20 to 24, 2020, the first Silkroad Freeride ski and snowboard competition was held. The first edition took place in Karakol/Jyrgalan in eastern Kyrgyzstan. A 5-day event where freeriders from all Silk Road countries can participate. In addition to the competition, there will be training sessions, clinics and connections. The goal is to… Read more: Silkroad Freeride Organization
  • Sponsoring competitive skiers Kyrgyzstan
    Recently we partnered with the Kyrgyz Ski Association and have sponsored four local youths with their goal of becoming professional skiers for Kyrgyzstan. Ryce Travel supports by providing ski equipment. Moreover, we compensate the travel and accommodation expenses for these skiers if they have to go abroad for competitions.  Valeikum Salam, Mukhtarov Nadim, Asanova Adina… Read more: Sponsoring competitive skiers Kyrgyzstan
  • Podcast by Jelmer de Boer
    Last weekend, Jelmer de Boer published a podcast with our Ryceleader Peter Hofman. In a nearly 2-hour conversation, you’ll learn (almost) everything about the start of Ryce Travel and what led Peter to take up winter sports in “crazy countries. Listen to the podcast at the link below: Or on Soundcloud
  • Guide in Kazakhstan: Ruslan
    My name is Ruslan; I was born in 1982 in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006, I have been working for the Kazakhstan travel organization Khan Tengri as a summer travel coordinator. What was your first encounter with Ryce Travel like?I met Peter in 2015; he came to explore the region with friends at the time. The… Read more: Guide in Kazakhstan: Ruslan
  • Asian ski youth championships in Kazakhstan
    Recently, we donated skis to competitive skiers from Kyrgyzstan. The youngsters made excellent use of these skis during the Asian ski youth championships. In cooperation with DAKA, Askarbek, Maksim, Bukit, and Konstantin received race skis from the Ryce Travel HUB in Karakol. After intensive training at the Karakol ski resort, it was time to test… Read more: Asian ski youth championships in Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo guides to ITB in Berlin
    Preparing documents for the ministry in Pristina, Kosovo for the Berlin ITB, Ryce Travel supported Kosovar guides Bardhosh and Bardhi. Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism has a strict selection process for admitting Kosovar businesses to the Berlin Tourism Fair. Up to 5 companies are invited by the government to represent Kosovo at the… Read more: Kosovo guides to ITB in Berlin
  • Toboggan run Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
    During our study tour with Maksat and Adilet, we stumbled upon a toboggan run in Itter, Austria. Owner Leo Fuchs is particularly enthusiastic about Ryce Travel’s initiatives in Central Asia. After a pleasant conversation about the opportunities and possibilities in Kyrgyzstan, Leo comes up with a unique proposal. Last year they stopped the toboggan run… Read more: Toboggan run Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
  • Visit MK Skiservice
    Some of our team visited MK Skiservice in Bilthoven. For Maksat and Adilet, it was like being in a candy store. So much freeride equipment and so much specialized knowledge. Menno Koelewijn (MK Skiservice) and Edgar van Kooten (Frosty Snowboarding) gave us a detailed tour.  We got an inside look at ski and snowboard maintenance… Read more: Visit MK Skiservice
  • Study tour in Europe for Kyrgyz guides
    In October, Kyrgyz guides Maksat Aitkulov and Adilet Muratov came for a study tour in Europe. After a long preparation with lots of paperwork, the boys finally managed to secure a Schengen visa. This did require travelling first to Lithuania and then on to the Netherlands. Immediately upon arrival, Peter Hofman took them on a… Read more: Study tour in Europe for Kyrgyz guides
  • Meet & Greet in Rotterdam
    At the end of Maksat and Adilet’s study trip, we hosted a party at Rotterdam’s Biergarten. All participants from previous trips to Kyrgyzstan were invited to meet Maksat and Adilet. After a 3-week journey through Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, we sadly had to say goodbye to these two juggernauts.… Read more: Meet & Greet in Rotterdam
  • Protest Headquarters
    An important stop on our tour of the Netherlands is Warmond. This small town in South Holland is home to the headquarters of Protest, one of the largest winter clothing companies in the world. Protest has been sponsoring us from the beginning with great clothing and accessories. Previously, Peter has visited Protest’s Headquarters regularly however… Read more: Protest Headquarters
  • Project Lowlands
    Second life for Lowlands camping equipment After Lowlands ends, many campers leave their gear behind. Apparently, most festival-goers have something else on their minds other than bringing their camping equipment with them. Bosse and Bart were allowed onto the Lowland property to collect gear for Ryce Travel. The ultimate haul is 12 high-quality tents, 16… Read more: Project Lowlands
  • Study Trip Uzbekistan
    After a long hot summer in Kyrgyzstan, Peter and Maksat left for an even hotter Uzbekistan. This country is increasingly opening up to tourists, and the sights are legion. Moreover, there are plans for a new ski resort (Amirsoy) which may make it interesting even for an adventurous winter sport. TashkentThe trip begins with a… Read more: Study Trip Uzbekistan
  • Design Tourist Center Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
    We marked our fifth anniversary in Kyrgyzstan by building a Tourism Center in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Right in the centre of the city, we bought a piece of land two years previously. With help from the Ryce Travel Foundation and sales from local ski rentals, Maksat Aitkulov managed to design the building. We could not wait… Read more: Design Tourist Center Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
  • Ski Club Bogicevica Montenegro
    Develop winter sports in Montenegro After successful trips to Macedonia and Kosovo, Peter toured the Balkans. The region is still undiscovered to the general public; however, the mountains offer incredible prospects. Local people are eager to develop winter tourism, but facilities are limited. The enthusiasm is excellent, and after visiting a local ski club, the… Read more: Ski Club Bogicevica Montenegro
  • Soccer School Karakol
    The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan has made great strides in recent years to professionalise its soccer school. Only two of the last eight qualifying games for the 2018 World Cup were lost. Unfortunately, the country had to beat Australia and Jordan in the final rankings. So it remains a wait for Kyrgyzstan to qualify… Read more: Soccer School Karakol
  • Montenegro, Europe’s best secret
    Montenegro is the second newest country in the world and has only separated from Serbia since 2006. Still, the country has plenty to offer, and the coast is particularly worth seeing. The formalities at the border between Croatia and Montenegro went smoothly, and after 30 kilometres, we made our first stop in the country. We… Read more: Montenegro, Europe’s best secret
  • Ayu Tor Ryce camp
    Hiking up from Karakol, arriving at a green oasis in the rugged mountain landscape of Ayu Tor. A meandering river flows from the eponymous Pic Karakol. An energy-neutral camp unfolds at the place where the water splashes down 10 meters. The Ryce camp rises between meter-high spruce trees at a crossroad of hiking trails. A… Read more: Ayu Tor Ryce camp
  • Yurt camp for winter sports
    In eastern Kyrgyzstan, 15 kilometres from the village of Ak Suu lies a fantastic yurt camp for winter sports. Thanks in part to Ryce Travel, there are now three winter-proof yurts. Yurts are traditional Kyrgyz nomadic tents used mainly in summer. Local people use these lightweight tents to build temporary shelters in the Himalayan mountains.… Read more: Yurt camp for winter sports
  • Ski rental Karakol
    In the centre of Karakol, in eastern Kyrgyzstan, the Ryce Ski Rental opened in 2015. Together with his staff, Maksat Aitkulov has created a fantastic store with second-hand material from the Netherlands, France and Austria. Ski rental Kyrgyzstan In 2012, Peter Hofman came in contact with Maksat Aitkulov. A mountain guide graduate of tourism school,… Read more: Ski rental Karakol