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Ice Bar Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan
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Ski Safari Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the place where it all started for us. In addition to our celebrated Ski Adventure trip, we will also be offering a Ski Safari. As always, a combination of winter sports and culture, for the adventurous, autonomous and curious winter sports enthusiast.

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Ski Adventure Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyzstan Ski Adventure is our most famous ski tour. In 8 days we will explore the remarkable highlights of skiing in Kyrgyzstan. Don’t expect any comfortable chairlifts, groovy after ski pubs or ceasar salads. Get yourself ready for adventure, yurts and shashliks.


Aalam Ordo, a mysterious place

Not far from the Fairytale Valley (Skazka Valley) you will find a special, yet mysterious place. Driving past the various and dilapidated yurts made of concrete, you come across a golden gate by the side of the road. The golden gate encloses a large complex of abandoned yurts and peeling murals beside Lake Issyk Kul: Aalam Ordo. A forgotten project of a long gone president.

The history of Aalam Ordo

Aalam Ordo was built in 2009 under then-President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. The plan was grand: the place was to become a kind of center for knowledge, culture and spirituality, where young and old could learn from each other and exchange ideas. With 365 yurts, 36 of which were for the elderly, the government of Kyrgyzstan thought to develop a new generation and thus win a Nobel prize. However, the project never materialized. In 2010, protests led to the second Kyrgyz revolution. As a result, the current president was deposed and Aalam Ordoo sadly forgotten.

Find a way inside or take a peek between the bars of the gate at the murals and sculptures. Once inside, there are several things to see. For example, a large uncompleted theather was built overlooking Lake Issyk Kul and there are paintings with dragons which symbolizes corruption in national politics. There are also wild sheep and other animals that have found a place among the dilapidated walls. In short, a mysterious but interesting place to visit.

Aalam Ordo
Separate structures at the Aalam Ordo complex

Helpful tip: If you plan to go inside, be mindful of your surroundings. In fact, the abandoned yurts may be inhabited by locals.

Rukh Ordo

Right across Lake Issyk Kul, in Cholpon Ata, they did manage to create a cultural center: Rukh Ordo. Rukh Ordo can actually be thought of as the undeveloped and deserted Alam Ordo. Although Rukh Ordo was not meant to be inhabited, this place gives off a similar vibe. The complex consists of 10 mini museums where you can see art and culture. Here is the opportunity to ask for a guide. During an interactive one-and-a-half-hour excursion, you will not only learn Kyrgyz history, culture and way of life, but you will also get the chance to sing, dance the national dance, traditions and much more. A unique experience!

Rukh ordo
Rukh Ordo