Travel Conditions

1. Travel organizer

Ryce Travel Foundation
Swan Flower 45
7909HM Hoogeveen, Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 65947304

2. Why these terms?

If you have booked with Ryce Travel, then a travel agreement has been made. This travel agreement provides protection for you as a traveler, as well as for us as the executor of the trip. Thus, we will meet the requirements placed on us (apart from the fact that we are already doing our stinking best to give you a cool trip anyway). At the same time, we expect you to fulfill the duties to which you are bound as a traveler.

3. Who are you?

As a traveler (Ryciger), you are liable for yourself. You book per person. You can designate one person from your travel party as the contact person, but we consider everyone equally important. We will contact you or your contact person (fellow traveler) if we need anything from you and, of course, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We’ll be there for you.

As a booker, you have a duty of information. Thus, you must provide all relevant information that is important for the proper execution of the trip. It sounds obvious, but please make sure you pass on your information as it appears in your passport. You are responsible for any change fees if you have not properly transmitted your information to us. Preferences and medical essences must also be known to Ryce Travel Foundation, prior to travel. In this way, we can make the trip run as smoothly as possible.

4. The travel contract and payment

Bookings are processed daily and you can expect a booking confirmation within 48 hours of your booking.

What the fare consists of, we communicate on our website. After booking, you are required to deposit 50% of the total trip price within 3 days so that we can reserve the necessary parts for you. No later than 30 days prior to departure, full payment must be received by the Ryce Travel Foundation. Between 30 and 7 days before departure, you will receive your travel documents.

The number of travel days includes departure and return days.

5. Cancel

If you want to (partially) cancel after your booking, there is a cancellation fee. This is not to make money on you, but because we too pay cancellation fees. We do not believe in predetermined cancellation fees/percentages, as this rarely corresponds to actual cancellation fees and is almost always to the detriment of the traveler. Therefore, we will find out what the actual cancellation fees are and charge them. This is a maximum of once the trip cost. The earlier the cancellation, the more the cancellation fees can be reduced. It is up to you whether you purchase cancellation insurance in advance.

6. Changes

When you communicate your change to us, we will work together to see how best to implement it.

7. Minimum participation

To make our trips successful, enjoyable and affordable, we have a minimum number of participants of 5. Should there be insufficient participation, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. Of course, we will then offer you another option. Should you not like this option, you may cancel free of charge. There is also a maximum number of participants set by the way, as we want to keep our trips small-scale and unique. It may happen that the maximum number of participants has been reached, in this case we will make a notification on our website.

8. Manifest errors

We assume that both you and we should not want to benefit from each other’s mistakes, so obvious mistakes from the Ryce Travel Foundation do not bind the travel agreement.

9. Risks

As with “regular” vacations, there are risks involved with this trip. An adventurous journey means challenge and -of course- risk. With full-time guidance from our experienced, local guides and a carefully planned program, we do everything we can to minimize the risks. Still, we recommend that you get a good travel insurance policy, including winter sports coverage and special sports coverage. Check with your travel insurance provider to see if you are adequately insured for the trip you will be taking. Ryce Travel Foundation puts together the trip but is not liable for physical or mental injury or any other form of damage. It may be advisable to get information from your doctor or the Public Health Service in advance about the most current medical safety risks.

10. Activities

Ryce Travel Foundation stands for experience and experience stands for Ryce. Part of that experience is engaging in fat, unique activities. These activities are described on the website. It is possible that activities may be modified due to (weather) conditions, but of course we do not assume this. Due to the dynamics of our trips, the activities may differ from the description on our website, but this will not easily be to your disadvantage. Participation in activities is voluntary and always at your own risk.

11. Complaints

We promise; we organize your trip with passion. The goal is to transmit this passion, which is why we do our utmost to make the journey we go through together unforgettable. Is there something you unexpectedly run into? If so, please let us know as soon as possible so we can do our best to eliminate your disappointment. And improve our trips again. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

12. ANVR Travel Conditions.

When booking a trip with Ryce Travel Foundation, you agree to the terms and conditions prepared by the ANVR. You can find these here.

13. Portrait rights

During each trip, we take diverse photo and video footage for our website and social media channels. So chances are you will be photographed several times in beautiful surroundings. By booking the trip, you agree to publish these images on www.rycetravel.com and our social media. If you have any problems with this, please let us know. Then we will take this into account.