Who are we?

The world belongs to us but we also belong to the world. As long as you don’t know the world then you don’t know who you are.

Peter Hofman, founder of Ryce Travel

Ryce Travel is a platform for adventurers who want to explore the world. People who want to learn about other places. Travelers looking for authenticity and insane experiences. Every place is unique and every person is different. That’s why we love this world. Despite what the media pretends, we live in a fantastic time and on a fantastic planet. It is even more accessible than ever and, above all, more travelable than ever. Above all, let’s enjoy that and expand our horizons.

So there are the world’s (un)known destinations where tourism can make a substantial difference. Unfortunately, locals are sharing less and less of the revenue from tourism. Ryce Travel wants to break this spell. With us, you don’t go on vacation but actually undertake a journey. You get in touch with local culture, you get to breathtaking/unique places and your expenses end up with local people. We expressed this thought earlier as follows: “The world belongs to us but we also belong to the world. As long as you don’t know the world then you don’t know who you are”.

And that is exactly what we propagate: come and discover the world, open up to new experiences and share your own ideas to other people.

Maksat Aitkulov
Manager Kyrgyzstan

Maksat Aitkulov is the manager of the Ryce Travel branch in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. He has years of experience as a mountain guide and completed the “Guiding School” in the city of Karakol. Together with Peter Hofman, Maksat started the branch in Kyrgyzstan. This began with a ski rental and each year it expanded to include new activities.

Aynazik Kubanıçbekova
Assistant Manager Kyrgyzstan

Aynazik worked for a local restaurant for many years. She was our favorite employee and because of her language skills and eagerness to learn, she quickly became part of our Ryce family. She is currently responsible for all the administration and finances of Ryce Travel Karakol and in addition, she regularly accompanies groups. We wouldn’t miss her for anything.

Tornike Matsaberidze
Manager Georgia

Tornike is our Georgian guide in the mountains of the Caucasus. He was born in Racha and prefers to dwell in rugged mountain landscapes. His studies require him to be in Tbilisi regularly anyway. He guides almost all of our trips in Georgia and we are enormously pleased with his insane enthusiasm for Georgia.

Ruslan Asanaliyev
Manager Kazakhstan

Ruslan Asanaliyev is the manager of the branch in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He guides trips to all corners of Kazakhstan and for 4 years he has been doing so for Ryce Travel. Ruslan was born in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, but for many years he has lived in Kazakhstan’s largest city.

Peter Hofman

Peter Hofman is the founder and director of Ryce Travel. Offering “once in a lifetime” experiences is his goal. He has worked as a snowboard instructor in Austria, a climate researcher in Seattle, a branch manager in Australia and a contract manager in France.

Bardhosh Morina
Manager Balkans

No question is too crazy for Bardhosh and no task is difficult enough. He races Pistenbullys through the snow and always makes sure we have transportation in the Balkans. He also skis everyone out, studies and runs a hostel in the town of Peja. Rightfully a jack of all trades.

Ruslon Belyi
Photographer & Editor

Ruslon Belyi is our local photographer in Central Asia. He has taken insane photos during our travels and we are extremely happy to have him on our team. He contributes immensely to the promotion of Ryce Travel in the Netherlands and abroad.Sample Description

Aleksey Balybin
Guide & Ski Instructor

Aleksey Balybin is one of Kyrgyzstan’s best skiers and regularly competes in Central Asia. In winter, he works as a ski instructor of the Karakol ski resort. He also guides tours of Ryce Travel. In the summer, Aleksey works as a mountain guide in the Tien Shan Mountains.

Akay Ryspaev
Guide horseback riding

Akay Ryspaev is our guide during horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. After completing his Communication studies at KGUSTA school in Bishkek, he started working with Ryce Travel. He now has his own company Horserider Kyrgyzstan but we are happy that he still wants to accompany our trips

Lauren Tamboryn
Content Manager

Lauren is Ryce Travel’s Flemish language prodigy. After several seasons in the French Alps, she comes to help us create content. With her knowledge of other languages and cultures, she is an absolute asset. Moreover, it is a treasure of a human being.

Bardh Sanaja
Guide Kosovo

Bardh is Ryce Travel’s ecological guardian angel. He is working in Kosovo on several projects to preserve animals from extinction. You can read his articles in various scientific journals. In winter, he works as an all-round guide in the Macedonian and Kosovar mountains.

Jorrian Hop

Jorrian Hop is the secretary of Ryce Travel. He has traveled extensively in recent years and he is a great asset to Ryce Travel. Strengthening local economies by providing resources and knowledge is his goal.

Raimon Loman
Man of the projects

Raimon is our man of projects and commercial expert. He has started businesses in South Africa and the Netherlands and has traveled to exotic destinations in the Indian Ocean, South America and Asia. After a complex shoulder luxation, he unfortunately stopped snowboarding.

Wim Hofman

Wim is our experienced treasurer. He takes care of our budget and finances. No expenditures will be made without his approval. This makes it transparent for both our guests and ourselves. Wim is also responsible for local iniatives to raise awareness.

Donat Hoti
Guide Kosovo

Donat is the young dog of the bunch. Working in the rugged mountains of the Balkans. He guides groups on our adventure winter sports trips. In the summer, he works as a guide for Via Ferrata and Zip-line.

Tarek Fenianos
Manager Lebanon

Tarek is an FIS World Cup skier who organizes adventure travel for Ryce Travel. He is an insanely good freerider and also wakeboards like the best. Although he spends a lot of time in France and Spain, Lebanon is his baby.

Nino Fenianos
Guide Lebanon

Nino is Ryce Travel’s comedian. In addition to his own stand-up comedy show, he makes mincemeat of every freerider. He has skied several World Cup competitions for Lebanon. In 2022, he participated in the Winter Olympics as a coach

Vadim Karaulnyh
Guide Kyrgyzstan

Vadim is the absolute show-man of Ryce Travel. He is always up for a joke and has energy for 3, Of course, he is an insanely good skier and teaches Kyrgyz children. Oh well, he’s also trying to be an influencer. +10k followers on insta. Check him out

Lars Kumeling
Product developer

Lars joined Ryce Travel as an intern in 2021. He then became responsible for the new trips. With his knowledge of Central Asia, he is a source of development for countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Coralie Connac
Coralie Connac
Graphic design & Yurt specialist

Coralie is working as a graphic designer for Ryce Travel. Besides that she is of great help for the sales and transportation of Kyrgyz yurts.  Raised in a family of ski racers, she is an enthusiastic snowboarder and beautiful person herself