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Sinaia ski resort
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Ski Adventure Romania


A ski adventure in Romania means you will experience the best of the mountains and culture in 9 days. Romania is developing rapidly as a ski destination. There are modern ski resorts and the medieval towns are magnificent. When you realize that you will also be flying a helicopter. Then you know it will be an unforgettable trip.


Practical information:

Visa Not needed for EU-citizens, please check you country’s foreign affairs website for requirements)
Passport Travel with ID-card or passport if you are from the EU. ID has to be valid during your entire stay in Romania
Currency Romanian Leu (5 RON is €1)
Time difference GMT+3 (1 hour later than Western Europe)
Language Official language is Romanian, minority language are Hungarian, German and Russian. English proficiency in touristic areas.
Cash Mayor cards accepted but bring a small amount of cash to be sure
Vaccins DTP and Hepatitus A are advised
Electricity 220V-50Hz (similar to EU)
Internet OK, WiFi connection in most guesthouses and hotels
Safety Similar safety concerns compared to Western Europe. Be aware of pickpockets and scammers in mayor cities.
Food & Drinks The Romanian cuisine is a unique mix of Hungarian, Austrian, Slavic, Turkish and Greek influences. Many soups, potatoes, pastries, veggies and a lot of meat.
Popular dishes Sarmale, Ciorbā de Perisoare, Tochitură, Papanaşi, Covrigi en veel wijn

Romania, the land of the Carpathian mountains and Dracula

Romania is the Latino among the Slavic brothers. As the only country in Eastern Europe, a Latin language is spoken here and the population is a mix of East and West. Romania has a turbulent history, but since the fall of the Socialist Ceaușescu regime, the country has spread its wings. Romania is increasingly profiling itself as an adventurous hotspot. The rugged Carpathians, clear blue glacial lakes and Dracula’s castle are just a few of the highlights.