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Aaah Kosovo! In our opinion the least discovered country in Europe! Make your own tailor-made group tour to Kosovo and gather a group of friends, colleagues or family to discover this beautiful country this summer! Known for a long and arduous struggle for independence, Kosovo has much more to offer than just traces of a violent past. The options are endless! Both in summer and winter, Kosovo has plenty of activities that you can do! With its mountains, excellent cuisine and a young and enterprising population, there is always something to do! So if you can enjoy yourself for hours in nature or really enjoy the hospitable culture. There is always something for everyone!

From anywhere in the world , you usually take a transfer flight to the capital of Kosovo: Pristina. Do you prefer to go by car and do a road trip in the Balkans? That is also of course no problem for us! You can also book a group tour with us if you come without the plane! At your destination or via our email, we will then agree with you what you want to do.

Can you imagine it already? Create you own tailor-made group tour to Kosovo, where you discover a relatively unknown country in a week or more! We can’t wait to prepare something for you!


Peja is a city with almost 100,000 inhabitants and is located about 100 kilometers from the capital Pristina. The city has really undergone a metamorphosis in the last 10 years. The Lumbardh River is the lively artery through the city. A boulevard has been build on both sides of this river with beautiful views of the Beshet e Bedeget mountains, located near the city. The center has been rehabilitated and hotels popped up like daisies over the past 10 years. Nowadays, you can do a lot of activities around and in the city. During your group tour in Kosovo, you can walk on a hiking trail called “Peaks of Balkans” in less than 10 minutes! Or how about doing via ferrata in the Rugova Valley, doing beautiful hikes or discovering the view over the mountain peaks of Peja with a motorized paraglider? Nothing is too weird or crazy for Peja!


Prizren is the most culturally and ethnically diverse city in all of Kosovo. Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Romani and Turkish voices can be heard here. The city is situated on the flanks of the Šar Mountains, on the riverbanks of the Bistrica river. From the Prizren Fort you can see the whole city, with its hundred minarets and church towers, the river, and of course the mountains. An idyllic scene! The city also organizes the Dokufest, a cultural film festival. The festival takes place every year around August, so with a bit of luck you can be there! Do you like wine? Then Prizren might also be “the place to be” for you. Throughout the year we can also organize a wine tasting for you. Enjoy the culture, wine and people and be surprised in Prizren!


Pristina is the capital of Kosovo and is the perfect place to take some rest from your flight or group tour. Usually we end and start here with the group tours, as this airport is the most accessible from anywhere in Europe. The capital has about 200,000 inhabitants and the Kosovars here usually speak Albanian, are Islamic and pay in euros. With its central location in Kosovo, Pristina is also the perfect place for a day trip to the north of the country, where people speak Serbian, pay in dinar, and drink Jelen instead of Birra Peja. A world of difference compared to the rest of the country!

Interested in a group tour to Kosovo?

  • Likes other cultures and traditions
  • Nature and history enthusiast
  • Likes adventure


  • Transfers
  • Stays in a local guesthouse or hotel
  • All meals (+ non alcoholic drinks during meals)
  • Engelish speaking guide
  • Local guides
  • Entrance sights
  • Activities

Not included

  • Flights WizzAir or Austrian Airlines (€300-€400)
  • Food & drinks not included in the 3 meals
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Souvenirs & tips
  • Insurance
  • Booking of flight tickets

Group Tour Kosovo

  • Make your own tailor-made trip
  • Full Board, incl. transfers, excl. flight
  • Pristina, Peja, Prizren, 
  • Rugova Valley, War Memorials, Prizren Fort
  • Via ferrata, Peja sightseeing tour, wine tasting

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