Wintersport Magazine
The October edition of the Wintersport Magazine contains an extensive article about Ryce Travel. Edo Jungerius (editor-in-chief) had an interesting interview with our founder Peter Hofman. Wintersport Magazine is the magazine of the Dutch ski association and we are very happy that they put us in the spotlight. Click on the picture below to download […]
Stop Belarus
Almost 3 months after the departure of our aid transport to Kyrgyzstan, we finally have positive news. The goods have been released by Belarus and can be returned to the Netherlands. We never imagined in June that this would be positive news. What happened? Until Lithuania everything was running smoothly. The problems started when crossing […]
Jop and Jitte
We are Jop and Jitte, brother and sister of 30 and 36 years old from Oudewater. We used to go on ski holidays with our parents and for a number of years we have been going together annually. Usually to Austria but 3 years ago our eye fell on the Ryce Travel page via Facebook […]
Tornike Matsaberidze
I am Tornike (born in 1996) and a guide from Georgia. I live in the capital, Tbilisi. I learned in German-Georgian school and currently I am a Psychology student in Ilia State University. Despite these facts I wouldn’t consider myself as a “city boy” at all. I have spent a serious time of my life […]
Corona aid Central Asia
In recent weeks we have slowly adapted to the new normal. Many of us have gone to clean up, do odd jobs, and squabble. What is actually relevant and what do we really need? Eating, drinking and a roof over our heads? Education, work and leisure? What especially emerges is that we need charity and […]
Silkroad Freeride
From January 20 to January 24, 2020, the first Silkroad Freeride will be held. The very first edition will take place in Karakol / Jyrgalan in eastern Kyrgyzstan. It will be a 5-day event where freeriders from all silkroad countries can participate. In addition to the competition, training sessions will be held, clinics will be […]
Yesterday we have signed a partnership with the Kyrgyz Ski Association. From this season on we will sponsor 4 local young skiers in their goal to become a professional skier for Kyrgyzstan. Ryce Travel supports by providing ski equipment. Moreover, we compensate the travel and accommodation costs for these skiers if they have to go […]
My name is Ruslan, born in 1982 in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006 I have been working at the Kazakh travel organization Khan Tengri as coordinator of summer tours. How was your first meeting with Ryce Travel? I met Peter in 2015, when he came to explore the region with his friends. The south of Kazakhstan […]
Bosse ski run Kazakhstan
I am a first-rate Ryce Traveler, a snow lover and someone with a passion for improving the world. What do you do in daily life? In daily life, I work as an account manager and try to give shape to my drive to improve the world. How was your first introduction to Ryce Travel? After […]
Lauren Ryce Travel
My name is Lauren. I am a quarter of a century old and have two younger brothers. I have enjoyed studying Language and Literature in Leuven, Belgium. I was lucky and was allowed to study in Madrid for six months, a city that I still like to visit now. After my graduation I did two seasons in the French Alps. By far the nicest thing I love to do is snowboarding in deep, fresh, fluffy powder snow.
Shymbulak Ski
This winter we donated skis to competitive skiers from Kyrgyzstan. In collaboration with DAKA, Askarbek, Maksim, Bukit and Konstantin received race skis from the Ryce Travel HUB in Karakol. After intensive training in the Karakol ski area, it was time to test the qualities with other Asian skiers. At the Asian Youth Championship in Shymbulak, […]
ITB Berlin Ryce Travel
Ryce Travel supported the Kosovo guides Bardhosh and Bardhi for the Berlin ITB. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Kosovo has a strict selection procedure for admitting Kosovar companies to the tourism trade fair in Berlin. A maximum of 5 companies are invited by the government to represent Kosovo at the International Tourismus […]


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