ARVA project Kosovo

We decided to join the Freeride Kosovo project of Wander Adventures, Outdoor Kosovo and Balkan Natural Adventure. They will offer freeride trips in Prevallë, including using a Pistenbully. The new company Freeride Kosovo will offer tours for international guests. To do this safely, we support them with avalanche equipment from ARVA.

Our long-standing partnership with ARVA allowed us to write a project for Swiss Contact. A Swiss nonprofit that supports tourism projects in Kosovo. They help pay for the purchase of safety equipment. After the project was approved, Ryce Travel purchased 14 airbags, pagers, shovels and probes. These were sent to Kosovo this week.

With this equipment, we can safely offer trips to Kosovo, and in addition, we have ensured that local tour operators work together to achieve a greater goal. The freeriding is done in a responsible manner and the quality of the trips is immediately at a high level. We therefore wish Freeride Kosovo every success in the future.

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