Design Tourist Center Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

We marked our fifth anniversary in Kyrgyzstan by building a Tourism Center in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. Right in the centre of the city, we bought a piece of land two years previously. With help from the Ryce Travel Foundation and sales from local ski rentals, Maksat Aitkulov managed to design the building. We could not wait for the opening.

Side tourist center Karakol
Side Tourist Center Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Tourism Center

The building is mainly intended to bundle tourist activities. More and more tourists are coming to Karakol, but the city’s facilities leave much to be desired. Most (Western) tourists use the city as a starting point for sporting activities in the surrounding mountains. There are hiking trails, mountain bike tours, jeep tours and horseback rides from Karakol. Hardly anyone stays in the city for extended lengths of time. This is mainly because there are few places where tourists can meet and leisurely talk about each other’s experiences. That motivated our desire to build a meeting place.

Café, hostel, rental and meeting place

The intention is for the building to have multiple functions. On the first floor, our rental and café. Skis are rented here in the winter and tents, sleeping bags and backpacks in the summer. Immediately adjacent is space for a spacious café with workspaces. Here you will often bump into our photographer Ruslan but also digital-nomads are welcome. On the roof, we will create a huge terrace where activities will be organised regularly. Think barbecues, movie nights and salsa nights.

Next to the property, we manage a green space of almost 100 meters. Tourists can pitch their own tents here but we will also build some tents ourselves. This site will become the so-called Ryce Hostel where guests can use bathroom facilities in the new building. It will be a place where everyone feels at home and where locals can mix with tourists. In addition, we will be open to our guests’ questions and experiences about the various tours in the area. A new multipurpose building with lots of conviviality.


The goal is to open our doors in the summer of 2019 fully. Starting in early July, several volunteers will come to help with the startup. The construction is straightforward but tremendously effective. From two shipping containers, a solid building was erected. The front is very accessible, with large windows and a deck. On the second floor is a huge roof terrace overlooking the Himalayas. We will have to work hard to create a cosy atmosphere. Therefore, we are pleased that several volunteers have already signed up.

Ryce Travel HUB design
Atmosphere impression of the Tourist Center in Karakol