Building up yurts

Recently, we were able to build the necessary yurts in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has been a resounding success in offering yurts directly from Kyrgyzstan to Europe. Most yurts sold in Europe come from Mongolia. Other yurts are often copied from China or Europe. These are yurts made of plastic and metal and thus less durable.

We are often asked what the difference is between a yurt from Mongolia and a yurt from Kyrgyzstan. The main difference is the shape. The Kyrgyz yurt is higher and has no poles inside the yurt. This allows you to make the best use of the space in a Kyrgyz yurt. In addition, the felt is thicker, there are other decorations, and the doorway is higher.

Building a yurt takes a full day in most cases. We have decided not to help build yurts anymore. Mainly because it is instructive to go through this process yourself. If you want to move the yurt, it’s good to know what it takes two do so. Besides, it takes too much time for us to be present each time during the construction. We have therefore created a unique guide on “how to build a yurt”. Let us know if you would like to receive them. It contains videos that are incredibly useful during the construction process.