Travelers of the first hour: Jop and Jitte

We are Jop and Jitte, brother and sister aged 30 and 36 from Oudewater. We used to always go on winter sports with our parents and for several years we have been going together every year. First this was to Austria but 3 years ago our eye fell on Ryce Travel’s page via Facebook and we’ve been spoiled ever since 😉

Our first trip in Kyrgyzstan
“Horseback riding during winter sports was very special”

Ryce Travel’s trips cannot be compared to a week in Austria and after this we didn’t want anything else. You will be taken by snowmobile, piste bully or horseback to the most beautiful mountain peaks. You board across open plains, through forests, over streams, you name it. The powder snow glistens you like diamonds!

In recent years, we have been to Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia and Turkey with Ryce. Actually, all trips are impressive, each in its own way. What characterizes all countries is the hospitality of their inhabitants. During each trip, in addition to getting to know the ski resort, you will also get to know the culture there. These include staying in various homestays, organizing a city tour and wine tasting, and even ending a trip in a Russian techno/ karaoke joint.

What makes Ryce Travel even more special to us is their goal of helping local entrepreneurs develop (winter) tourism. They also create jobs with these trips and ensure that the proceeds really reach the people.

By booking a trip, we are already making a (small) contribution. Beyond that, last year we collected a van full of camping gear, winter clothing, snowboard boots (and much more). Peter then drove that there.

Surely this will make you happy 🙂

Because when a beautiful country welcomes you so hospitably and gives you an unforgettable experience, surely a little bit of help is the least you can do? We can’t wait for the winter sports season. Kazakhstan? Or perhaps one of the new trip in Lebanon. We don’t know yet, but there’s no question that we’re going again!