Passing on rising energy prices

Unfortunately, we cannot escape raising prices. In our destinations, energy prices have risen considerably. Transportation and cat skiing, in particular, have become significantly more expensive. In addition, financial institutions have imposed restrictions on international transactions. In all the countries where we operate, prices rose 10 and 20% last year. This price increase was already evident

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Interview FD

Interview for the FD with Peter Hofman The Financieel Dagblad (FD) has written an extensive article about Ryce Travel. They interviewed our founder Peter Hofman about the Corona relief goods transport to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan suffered greatly during the Corona crisis and is still recovering. In this interview, Peter talks about the trial and error of

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Corona transport arrived in Kyrgyzstan

Mutual quarrels cause considerable delays in aid transport After a problematic drive of more than 10,000 kilometres, our relief transport arrived in Kyrgyzstan. As of June 2020, we collected 22 pallets of relief supplies for Kyrgyzstan. A fundraiser collected large quantities of clothing, toys, educational materials, sports equipment and medicine. After leaving the Netherlands, the

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